Bluetooth Reciver

MAXPAL BlueTooth MassaGe
Relieve pain|Improve peripheral nerve palsy|Promote local blood circulation
maxpal bluetooth massage features small
  • 6 Types Mode
  • APP Control, iOS/Android
  • Wireless BlueTooth Connection
  • Low Frequency, 30 Steps Intensity
  • Mirco USB, 120mAh Battery
  • Made in Taiwan, High Quality
maxpal bluetooth massage Protector Brace body parts
  • APPTENS BlueTooth Receiver
  • AQM-001 Hand Pad
  • AQM-003 Elbow
  • AQM-003A Upper Arm
  • AQM-004 Thigh
  • AQM-005 Knee
  • AQM-007 Calf
  • AQM-009 Foot Mat
  • AQM-009A Planter
  • MSM-F Foot Pad Tray
  • AQM-100 Neck
  • AQM-110 Shoulder
  • AQM-200 Low Back
  • AQM-200A Lumbar
  • AQM-210 Belly
MAXPAL BlueTooth Receiver - Specifications
Interface Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with mobile phone
(Minimum version required | iOS 11↑ / Android 8.0↑)
Control Interface Download APP software on your phone
6 operation modes on APP
Output Strength Level Adjustable 00-30 different intensity levels
Charging Interface Micro USB
Battery Built-in lithium battery 3.7v / 120mAh (1 pc)
Battery Capacity 120mAh
Charging Time Just charge until the green light stays on
Timing 01-30 minutes
Stand-by Time 60 minutes
Rated Voltage 3.7V (battery), 5.0V DC (USB) external output
Output Voltage 50 - 90 V
Average Output Current Maximum 3.6mA (500Ω)
Default Output Voltage Maximum 90V (500Ω)
Usage Time 1 ~ 4 hours (depending on intensity)
Power Consumption 1.6 ~ 2.0mA/hr
Pulse Frequency 16 ~ 100Hz
Pulse Width 50~200 us (Maximum pulse width 200 us)
Operation Temperature 0~60℃  |  Relative humidity 10~70%  |  Air pressure 700~1060 hPa
Storage Temperature 0~60℃  |  Relative humidity 10~70%  |  Air pressure 700~1060 hPa
Accessory Micro USB Charging Cable
Weight 16.5g
Dimension W1.5 × L7.8 × H3.2 (cm)
Selling Company Maxtek Go Go Co,. Ltd.
Manufacturer Ta-Lai Sporting Goods Ent. Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer Address 5F., No. 12, Aly. 6, Ln. 45, Baoxing Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City
Country of Origin Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Material ABS Synthetic resins
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