AQM-210 Aqua+ Anti-constipation with Skinny belly

Size :

JR(junior)-L85±2 × W13 cm

JR Maximum Length 114 cm

SR(senior)-L100±2 × W13 cm

SR Maximum Length 130 cm


A medical classified government approval device in the purpose of reliving pains, joint pain, muscle soreness and muscle adhesion. Especially your waist ,neck and shoulder.


In an ever-changing world, unseen problem flow like a wave every single day. Man and woman have focusing on task that upon their face while forgetting the pressure
pill up on our body. Electric stimulation is both effective and efficient to help body relief and maintain in good condition.


85% of body pain starts from low blood circulation and lack of muscle strength. Aqua+ adopts the same concept of TENS therapy and semiconductor fiber, but adding the superfine fiber on the surface which absorbs“water as the conductor of electricity. To target at soothing muscle soreness. The ergonomic,light and handy design makes it easy to concentrate on different body parts and carry while traveling.

MAXPAL Aqua+ Features

‧1 cm2 of Aqua+ superfine fiber surface consists of hundreds of electrical pinpoint, which can reach the inner muscle tissue and soothe soreness effectively.

‧ Aqua+ is a low-impedance product which is more power & cost saving.

‧ Aqua+ superfine fiber absorbs water as the conductor of electricity. Thus there is no consumptive material to be replaced over time.

‧ A smart device App is designed for the Aqua+ smart kit connecting via Bluetooth.

‧ Aqua+ superfine fiber is a washable textile.

‧ The eco-friendly design makes the life span of MAXPAL Aqua+ more than 10 years.


Effectively increase blood flow rate and blood flow.